Top 10 Tips for Traveling Abroad

Going to that dream vacation may be a coming true, maybe that desire for traveling to Paris or any other part of Europe finally seems achievable. You have finally gathered enough finances and courage to venture into the unknown to see and experience other cultures all over the world, either alone or with a companion. However traveling to your dream destination requires more planning that just buying a ticket and getting your Turkish visa in order. More is needed to ensure that the stay is likeable and memorable. To ensure this, the tips below can be of use;


This is the most important aspect to look at. As beautiful as country is, it would be a waste of time to choose a country where your security and safety would always be a thing of concern. It’s advisable to always look at the travel advisories given that highlights things like terrorism or illegal gang groups that might be on the rise.

Keeping important documents safe

This is quite self-explanatory. It’s always a don’t to travel with all your original copies everywhere you go. Make copies of your passport and travel documentation and ensure that they are kept separate and in a secure place. This ensures that in case of misplacement, replacement can be done rather swiftly to avoid headaches.


When traveling to a foreign country. It’s always polite to have some knowledge on the countries customs. What you normally do might in essence be a taboo in their culture. Get the basics on things like greetings, how to exchange money, gestures, food choices and accompaniments and body language. It’s also important to look at the outlook of the culture in terms of religion imagery.

Exude confidence

Acting and behaving like a tourist in a foreign country is a no-no. Of course you are there for the scenery and to enjoy a different culture, but letting everyone in on the secret will make you a target for malicious people. Avoid holding maps in the middle of the street, or standing at crossroads with a blank look, looking at name signs. Instead, pop into a café and get your directions right.

Keep an eye on your belongings

This is also self-explanatory. It would be unfortunate to travel half way across the world only to lose your belongings to a thief. This calls on you to keep a vigilant eye on belongings at transit areas and at hot spots areas. Always carry bags that can be zipped up and back packs at the front.

Do not Flash

One peculiar habit that tourists have is to flash loads of money everywhere. Well you not there to impress anyone other than yourself. So keep it in the bag and carry a small amount of money, not everything. Not flashing also encompasses not wearing extremely expensive jewelry that can make you a target for robbers.

Health Checkup

This is a must do. Ensure that you get all the desired vaccinations recommended before traveling to any country. Though it might be offered at the country you going to, it’s always best to keep to the places you know especially in regard to hygiene concerns.


Learn polite phrases that are normally used like sorry, please and thank you. They will go a long way in helping you out especially in times of need. Don’t be rude and please do not insist on doing things your own way especially if it goes contrary to their culture.


Its importance cannot be over emphasized. It’s imperative to get medical and travel insurance no matter where you going and time schedule. Even though cases of getting into medical emergency may be minimal, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Have fun

Enjoy yourself, put all worries at the back and enjoy yourself. Take in the surroundings without bias and learn something new. Don’t forget to take souvenirs’. They will go a long way in helping the whole experience memorable and enjoyable.