Extreme Sketch Pak: One of the exciting versions of Pac Man

If you want to play one of the hand-drawn games then you can enjoy playing Extreme Sketch Pak. Just like other versions, it is a flash based online Pac Man. The game has simple color combinations which include dark blue and white. The ghosts are not different from one another but their behavior patterns have some changes. Their moving pace is faster than the original ones and the best part is that they are less chaotic. In the beginning of the game, they don’t appear immediately but one after one they start emerging from the ghost pen, which gives the player ample time to clear the maze. After sometime, all of them start chasing Pac Man.

Their movement suggests that they are capable of predicting your every move. Most of the times, they are capable of corning you in some recesses of maze. When this happens, you are doomed. You can hide in different tunnels – the ghosts don’t follow your hero and they tend to forget as where they are. Pac Man sometimes moves slower as compared to the ghosts while he is eating dots, a fact that is known to all those players who had played original Pac Man. There is only change in color and the shape has not gone under any change. Although the maze has also remained the same as standard arcade versions, it is slightly complex.