Leading To Civil War 

The roots leading to civil war can be defined as can be defined as a complicated mix of come events, causes, and social conditions which prevailed during the earliest years of American colonization. Although there were so many small things and causes which lead to resentments and were also among many of the causes of American civil war, we shall take a look at only the major reasons leading to civil war battle. Let us take a look:

The major causes of civil war battles which gradually led to American civil war can be attributed as Confederate backgrounds Slavery, Control of the government and prevailing situations on the various different parts of America.

The origin of slavery in America goes dates back to 1619 in the Virginia. Although, the practice of slavery had been abandoned in most of the parts of United States by the end of the American Revolution, still many parts of northern states had the presence of slavery. In fact, the intuition grew and flourished in the plantation economy of the South. Before the beginning of the civil war, majority of the sectional conflicts were centered on the slavery issue which begin with the debates over the three-fifths clause at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and it remained the same with the Compromise of 1820, the Nullification Crisis, the anti-slavery Gag Rule, and the Compromise of 1850. Thus, we see that slavery was among the major causes of civil war in America.

The government control was also among the major reasons leading to civil war battle in America through the first half of the 19th century. Especially, with the political class of southern states in favor of defending the practice of was also leading to civil war. With the addition of newer states into the American Union, there was a sort of agreement took place which was based on a series of compromises to maintain an equal number of free and slave states. as a result of which, the Maine was added as free state while Missouri was added as a slave state. This resulted in disrupted balance in 1850, when Southerners allowed California to enter as a free state in exchange for laws strengthening slavery. This addition of free Minnesota and Oregon disturbed the balance to larger extant and were among the starting factors which led to become the major causes of American civil war later on.